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Software Engineer

Hi there, I'm Matt Moore, a senior front end software engineer based in Hampshire on the UK South Coast. I design and develop marketing-centric websites optimised for speed, user engagement and conversions.

10+ years experience in all things digital.

I have had the pleasure of working as a web developer and digital marketing specialist for some of the industry's leading digital agencies since 2007, including: Eleven Miles, Strawberrysoup, Thinking Juice, D3R and Koozai.

I take pride in the code I deliver and am always looking for ways to further my knowledge in new technologies and coding standards. More recently I have been adopting JAMstack architecture (JavaScript, API and Markup) using Next.js and React for the benefits in site performance.

With my background in Search Engine Marketing and being a certified Google Ads and Analytics Individual, my approach to development has always had SEO, UX, CRO and ultimately the client objective in mind. I bridge the gap between design, development and marketing ensuring that projects consider marketing objectives upfront and are factored into the design and development stages early on.

I have refined my skills and worked on many projects, large and small learning exactly what contributes to successful project delivery.

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Benefits of hiring a freelance website developer?

There are many reasons why hiring a freelance web developer might be the right choice for you.

Great Value

Freelance web developers don't have the operational overhead of an agency. You only pay for the development work and not contributing to office costs, pension schemes etc. You will usually pay lower rates than an agency but in my case you also get an experienced senior web developer working on your project rather than risk being assigned a junior web developer by an agency.

More Personal

Work and talk directly with the person responsible for doing the work. When you hire a freelance web developer you won't have to go through agency account managers, project managers etc.

Smaller Commitment

Maybe you have a great idea for a web based business but until the site is live and you are making sales, you may not be able to afford the commitment of taking on full time developers. You may already have a website but need minor changes and just need to hire someone for a few hours work, you can do that with a freelance web developer.

You're in good hands.

Under the direction of agencies I've worked for over the years I've been trusted to deliver results by many prestigious brands.

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Convert more customers and grow your business.

Every website I build is designed and developed with great attention to detail. Aimed at being as fast, engaging and intuitive as possible for a better user experience and conversion rate.

Most websites today are designed in the hope that visitors will convert, whether it's making a purchase, subscribing, submitting an enquiry or downloading a pdf. When I'm working on a re-design and development project, establishing business goals and KPIs in the early stages and benchmarking existing performance is key to understanding what needs to be improved.

I first conduct research to gain a clearer understanding of the target market, service offerings, USPs, competitors, and opportunities. Knowing the objectives and who the target audience is, I then leverage analytics to gain insight into existing visitor behaviour, where visitors come from, their intentions and how they navigate and engage.

Armed with that data, I can see exactly where a site might be falling short and highlight opportunities to increase effectiveness of the user experience and conversion paths, making it easier for visitors to find what they're searching for and help them complete their tasks more quickly.

Wide range of expertise.

Web Design & Development

Fast, responsive and accessible website design and development of static, content managed and eCommerce websites as well as bespoke web application development.

Website Audits

Comprehensive audits reviewing all the important aspects of a website including Google Analytics, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), UX (User Experience) and Google Ads.

Website Analytics

Improve measurement, optimisation and ongoing analysis to gain greater insight and value from your analytics ensuring your business moves forward in the right direction.

Strategy & Planning

Research and understand website users, where they come from, their intentions and how they behave on site so that you can plan to better meet their requirements.

Website Optimisation

Continually improve your website's ability to drive business focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for acquisition, UX (User Experience) for retention and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) for conversions.

Google Ads

Using paid search advertising as a means to acquire more traffic is key to getting qualified and relevant traffic to pages more quickly.

Get in touch.

If you're interested in working together or simply want to get in touch please do so using the following form and I look forward to chatting with you.